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This isn't celeriac soup

Full disclosure; I know I promised celeriac soup on the blog last week, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it. I figured it would be a bit hypocritical of me to post a 'really delicious' recipe knowing that I hadn't actually touched it. That's not to say it was horrible - my husband had it for lunch for 3 days and had no complaints. I went from being really excited about eating it at the start of the recipe to, not being able to be in the same room as the stuff by time I'd finished making it. If we'd not been in this delightful lockdown situation I would almost definitely have gone to a friend's or a cafe until the smell had dissipated.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with celeriac soup - weird, and very specific I know. I used to work in this amazing French restaurant and on one of the Christmas set menus was a starter of celeriac & truffle soup. This being the starter for the cheapest of the set menus and the one with turkey as a main course, it was obviously the most popular menu for the office Christmas dos who often prefer the budget to go on booze rather than food. From late November until Christmas Eve the entire building would ooze a truffly celeriacy odour which I utterly loved for the first 3 weeks of December as it was often interrupted with the smell of mouth-watering garlic and parsley butter. But by the time we were on the home straight and Christmas Eve was on the horizon it always just got a bit much. It was such a strong and intense smell that if anyone had presented me any form of celeriac over the Christmas break I would probably have run faster than Usain Bolt in the opposite direction.

Having now been away from this soup of 3 Christmases I figured I might be over this weirdness by now. No such luck.

Sorry if you were expecting to make my celeriac soup recipe for your lunch last week. I have another soup recipe that I'll hopefully get typed up today or tomorrow that is totally gorgeous, filling and comforting all in one bowl, despite it being one of the least photogenic dishes I've made! So watch this space.

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