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Blueberry Nak'd Bar Balls

Having a toddler who absolutely refused to wear clothes last week during the snow was one of the more emotionally draining experiences of parenting I’ve endured in the last couple of years. I couldn’t persuade, bribe or beg her to put trousers on, so the chances of her wearing the amazing bright pink snow suit we bought her we zero. So, we essentially watched the snow fall, settle and melt from inside the house which was a shame.

So, this week I was determined to make the days where she isn’t in nursery much better, and certainly more productive for us both. So, my able (and it turns out slightly chaotic) assistant and I got organised to do some more cooking for you this week. I use the term ‘cooking’ in the loosest sense of the word as we didn’t actually ‘cook’ anything. We weighed out some ingredients and whizzed them up to form our own version of the Blueberry Nak’d bars.

It’s fairly safe to say this video didn’t go nearly as smoothly as the last one. The kitchen floor was covered in cashew nuts and Tilly ate way too many raisins, blueberries, and handfuls of ground almonds (no, I don’t know why she would want to do that either).

But these are super tasty, all natural, easy to store and quick to make!

Here’s the recipe:

Makes about 30 small balls.

200g Dates

60g Cashew Nuts

60g Raisins

40g Ground Almonds

40g Dried Blueberries

- Weigh the ingredients into a food processor

- Whizz them all together until everything is really really small

- Roll into small balls, disks or bars and place on a baking sheet

- Leave to firm up in the fridge

- Transfer to an airtight container where they will keep for around a week

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