About Us

Cooking delicious healthy food for our little ones should be fun, but often feels like a slog. As a new mum who loves cooking I realised cooking for my baby didn’t need to be lonely and boring. We shouldn’t have to choose between a play date for our children or creating delicious meals for dinner.
Instead we have created a fun, enjoyable way to batch cook for your little ones whilst still meeting other parents and letting our little ones play together.
You can escape the house and enjoy a cup of coffee (and slice of cake) whilst cooking. It’s not only great to cook with friends/make new friends but we also provide a safe, fun child play area where your little one can socialise with other children of a similar age. We don't provide ‘cooking classes’ in the old fashioned sense of the words but instead allow you and others to ‘muck in’ and help each other with childcare whilst cooking.
Founder Annabel will be there to guide the session and help with childcare, but most importantly provide coffee, cake and clean up!