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Cooking Class


Little Kitchen Social is a fun, enjoyable way to batch cook for your little ones whilst still meeting other parents and letting our little ones play together.

We also do dinner party catering and canape parties for grown ups!


What We Do

We run two different workshops - weaning classes for those important first tastes and textures and batch cooking for your babies or toddlers. All our workshops are in a safe friendly environment where you can bring your babies, meet other parents and have a coffee (and a slice or two of cake) while we take you through the dishes.

Best of all - no need to find childcare or do the washing up!

It's not just the babies we look after; we provide a secret dinner party or canape service so you can have friends over without the hassle of actually having to cook - and we'll let you take all the credit too.

Fresh Produce

Stage One Weaning

Purées! Finger foods! Muffins!
We put so much pressure and stress on ourselves to make our baby’s first tastes so special. When it can be simple. These classes will help create a rainbow of different tastes, flavours and textures for your little one.
And not a non-recyclable pouch in sight!

Image by Jason Leung

Toddler Batch Cooking

Non-stop or over-tired. Does that sound about the right description for your toddler?! So when teatime comes around you don't have the energy or time to magic a full nutritious meal out of thin air for your miniature darlings.
After our batch cooking classes you'll have an arsenal of meals in the freezer to feed even the fussiest little eaters!

Secret Diner Party

You've got friends coming round and you just know you won't have enough time to cook. Leave it to us. We can deliver a 3-course meal ready for the table. Just re-heat it, serve it up and take all the credit! No one needs to know you didn't make it.

Dinner Party

Canape Parties

We only use the best seasonal ingredients from local suppliers. We are a small bespoke company and the quality of our canapes shows this. Each item on our menu is individually created specially for you. We are not one of those huge faceless caterers, our food is real, delicious honest food delivered with passion.


Delivery Menu

Due to us not being able to hold our classes Little Kitchen Social has a brand new meal delivery service.

You've got to home-school your child, play with your baby and work from home at the same time...

Let us handle the food for you.

We're cooking up homemade, freezer friendly and nutritious meals for babies during the first stages of weaning, tearaway kids and of course the grown ups!

Delivery on Wednesdays in SW18 area.

Just fill in an order form and e-mail it over to info@littlekitchensocial.co.uk

Baby Weaning Stage One & Two

Nutritious purees, finger foods and mashed meals for stage one and stage two weaning babies.

Children's Meals

Healthy, homemade meals and snacks (with plenty of hidden veggies) for children.

Grown Up Comfort Food

We feed the babies, feed the children and so often forget about us grown ups! Why not add a couple of comforting dinners to give you some evenings off from cooking.


About Us

Cooking delicious healthy food for our little ones should be fun, but often feels like a slog. As a new mum who loves cooking I realised cooking for my baby didn’t need to be lonely and boring. We shouldn’t have to choose between a play date for our children or creating delicious meals for dinner.
Instead we have created a fun, enjoyable way to batch cook for your little ones whilst still meeting other parents and letting our little ones play together.
You can escape the house and enjoy a cup of coffee (and slice of cake) whilst cooking. It’s not only great to cook with friends/make new friends but we also provide a safe, fun child play area where your little one can socialise with other children of a similar age. We don't provide ‘cooking classes’ in the old fashioned sense of the words but instead allow you and others to ‘muck in’ and help each other with childcare whilst cooking.
Founder Annabel will be there to guide the session and help with childcare, but most importantly provide coffee, cake and clean up!

Fresh Feta Salad


To find out more information about Little Kitchen Social, contact us today.

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